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What is Influencer Marketing?

 Influencer Marketing is the new way of marketing the brand with the help of influential people. Here the influential people are not the movie actors, very famous celebrities etc but people who are popular in various fields like a famous doctor, lawyer, marketing manager, etc. 

What is Influencer Marketing celebreties

 The underlying factor of Influencer marketing is Trust. Trust is something which any business will try to gain from the customers. With the help of the influential people, the companies will attach their brand to them. This is done to gain those people as new customers who follow those influential people. 

 When people who are having fame or expertise in certain areas, endorses some brand, then normally the people who follow that influential person will also start trusting that brand. Currently the trend of Influencer Marketing is increasing as well as providing better returns to the partnered company.

 For example, if a famous investor is endorsing a investment company, then it will be called as Influencer Marketing or IM because, the company is using the fame and trust that the people has on the investor to promote their brand.

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